Chrome Show: I’ll take a small Chromebox and a side of Android Wear please


Although many folks pre-ordered the Asus Chromebox(s goog), the anticipated delivery date has come and gone, so what gives? While we wait to find out we can also wait for new wearable devices thanks to Android Wear, which feature Google Now to unify Android, Chrome and Chrome OS. And if you thought Google’s Chromecast wasn’t in your country, don’t move to the U.S. just yet: Chromecast is now available in 11 new countries!

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Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin C. Tofel

Android Wear smartwatches may be a nice Chrome OS companion

Chromecast goes international!

PocketCasts and SmugMug get Chromecast support

Where are the Asus Chromeboxes? Here is a great review while we wait and see.

Immersive mode coming to Chrome in Windows(s msft)

Google Drive storage prices drop. Does that diminish the “value” of Chromebook goodies?

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