Nitrous.IO scores $6.65M to eliminate messy development set up


Nitrous.IO, the startup that aims to free developers from the gruntwork of configuring, patching and otherwise futzing with workstation-based development environments, now has $6.65 million in A Series funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners.

The company’s pitch is that instead of installing and tweaking development environments on their laptops — which can be time-consuming and annoying — developers can get right to work using Nitrous.IO’s Web IDE using their iPad(s aapl) or Android(s goog) tablets. They can share those development  environments with workgroup members, clients or partners. If they are wed to their Macbooks or Windows PCs, they can also use Nitrous in conjunction with their favorite desktop editor. The Nitrous Web IDE runs on Amazon(s amzn) Web Services. screen

Nitrous.IO Co-founder Arun Thampi said VMware(s vmw), Oracle(s orcl) and Microsoft(s msft) offer technology to virtualize the developer’s entire machine in the cloud — and that does address their dependence on…

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