Cropping To Standard Frame Sizes

The digital camera industry has created a bit of a monster by producing sensor sizes that don’t commonly relate to paper, mat or frame sizes. Most dslr cameras output photographs that translate to 11″x8.5″. Most frame sizes come in 7″x5″, 10″x 8″, 14″x11″ or 16″x20″ sizes. Those are not proportional to what comes out of your camera. Some photo processors will allow you to upload and crop your photos to fit their frames. You’re going to lose something in the process.

If you own photo editing software like Photoshop or Elements from Adobe you can crop to fit frame sizes that will save the day. Below are examples of available frame sizes and what you get after careful cropping. I’m going to start with the original photo right out of the camera with no cropping. I’ll then work myself up and down the most common sizes to show you the…

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