Droplet Is A Robotic Sprinkler That Knows Your Soil Inside And Out


Because your home can always be smarter, allow me to introduce Droplet, the smart robotic gardener.

Effectively replacing your sprinkler system, the Droplet tries to save you money and the world’s water resources by watering only the area where there are plants.

Through a cloud software system, you can configure your Roomba-style Droplet to water the grass, the trees and the areas where you have flowers planted without indiscriminately watering the whole yard.

But it goes further than that. The Droplet actually knows about the soil, the type of plants it’s watering, and other data to help ensure each plant gets just the right amount of water to be healthy.

You can give it a number of commands, including to water potted plants, fill up the doggy water bowl, or the usual trees and lawn task.

Because it has a cloud connection, the Droplet system also tracks weather in…

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