Microsoft Won’t Brand Its Own Phones ‘Microsoft Mobile’ — Nor Use Nokia’s Name For Long


Now that Nokiasoft is (un)officially a thing, following the completion on Friday of Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar purchase of Nokia’s devices division, the question of which brand names Microsoft is going to push on its own brand smartphones comes to the fore.

Stephen Elop, formerly the Nokia chief — now freshly returned to Microsoft as head of its devices group — shed a little more light on that question today, during an Ask Me Anything on the Nokia Conversations blog (now, of course, a Microsoft property — despite still having ‘Nokia’ in its name).

Asked for clarity about whether Microsoft plans to rebrand the Nokia brand to Microsoft Mobile, despite having a 10-year license to use the name on phones, Elop said that the “Microsoft Mobile Oy” name — which cropped up in a leaked memo last week — is merely a “legal construct” created to “facilitate the merger”.

Since that explanation doesn’t exactly explain a lot, he…

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